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Sterling is an Internationally known Psychic and Medium with over (30) years of experience providing valuable insights to people worldwide.


He is married and resides in Southern California. He has double engineering degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management.

During his career, Sterling became a successful entertainment industry executive helping to guide the major studios and entertainment technology companies. He has worked with many Oscar winning feature film directors and major music artists.


Through his industry work, he became very aware that creative people use their psychic talents to create some of the most successful TV, film, music and immersive entertainment experiences.

Sterling first realized he had psychic and mediumship abilities during a chance meeting in Santa Barbara, CA with psychic medium, Fred Fassett. It was during this meeting that Mr. Fassett told Sterling that he had psychic and mediumship abilities.

With a little direction from Mr. Fassett, Sterling was immediately able to communicate clearly with the other side. His abilities include Mediumship, Channeling, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience.

According to Mr. Fassett, Sterling had the ability since childhood but never “turned it on”. This was the beginning of Sterling’s Spiritual Journey.


Sterling slowly started using his gifts with family, friends and entertainment industry colleagues and then over time has become comfortable with the gift.

Sterling is a current member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and participates in the Grammys each year.


He has a very practical and pragmatic approach to his spiritual work and communicates real-time with his spiritual guides, angels and individuals that have crossed over and believes everyone has the capacity to develop special direct communications with their guides and angels.

Every Sunday he appears with Linda Grindel on her YouTube channel The Comanche Psychic. During the week, viewers send questions to Linda Grindel and she presents them to Sterling for spiritual answers and guidance.


Sterling feels he is providing a necessary service to people all over the world by helping to calm people’s fears and anxieties.

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