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Sunday Oct. 11, 2020

Testimonials & Reviews 2024

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My reading with Sterling was wonderful. I have tons of notes from our conversation. However, Sterling brought up one thing regarding my beautiful deceased daughter-something I had not thought to ask. What he was shared with me brought me so much comfort-a comfort I have not had since she passed away 15 years ago this week. So many blessings to Sterling for his gift and the deep insights his gift can bring to the surface. So much healing in my heart. Thank you Sterling


Had a reading with Sterling in December 2022. I was blessed and honored to have spoken to Sterling. My team gave me wonderful insights and information. Thank you so much for everything, Sterling, and a huge thing I was believing for is coming to pass. This reading with Sterling has me looking and moving forward. Thank you, Sterling and your team!


Loved my reading with Sterling! He gave me some very interesting information about my kids, family, and myself. I got that natural high from good vibrations after. The following week it finally clicked what the “rush of thought” is when talking to spirit and those cold chills!


Way to go, Sterling. I had a reading with you a month or so ago and I asked you about a health problem I was having. You told me you didn't see any cancer, which I had asked you about but that you saw it was something about my electrolytes. Well my doctor sent me to a hematologist because they was so concerned. Guess what my problem was? I was critically low on iron! Which could be put in there with electrolytes. I had five infusions of iron and they didn't know how I was still standing due to my iron levels being so low. Thank you


I had a reading with Sterling in December. My husband was unemployed due to downsizing. Sterling told me that he would be employed on March 16th. This last week my husband was offered the job he really wanted and he starts on Monday February 28th. His first paycheck is March 16th. (Bimonthly payments). Sterling also told me the job title he would have and it’s the exact same job title. WOW STERLING. He is the real deal. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me sterling.


Love and light to all! I recently had a reading with Sterling. While I was nervous about the experience, Sterling was kind and patient. He listened to my story and commented on it, attentively sharing the messages my team has been trying to get through to me.


Sterling shared many insights into my life that were not only true but insights he could not have known without his mediumship being genuine. The entire experience was incredibly validating and positive, and left me with a good general direction of what to do next. I prepared for the reading by writing out different questions and life areas I would like to discuss with Sterling, but unfortunately in my prep work, I was not able to create a list of questions that was efficient and linear.


Because of this, I did not get through as much of the content with Sterling as I would have liked to, but this was on me and not Sterling. I'm bringing all of this up because I wish to communicate that despite my (at times) awkward approach to my reading, Sterling left me with several insights, but chief among them, four POWERFUL insights that really cut through to the heart of some of the issues I have in my present day to day life.


So let this paragraph serve as a positive clarification--no matter how you approach or prepare for the reading, Sterling will work hard to make sure that you hear the TRULY important messages your guides and angels have for you. It's been maybe two weeks and I still find myself dumbfounded by the accuracy and truth in Sterling's commentary, and I will work hard to use the wisdom I was given in my reading to improve my life.


I don’t know where the comment went but I wholeheartedly support what someone said earlier how Sterling not only answered all their questions but brought much positivity and uplifting energy during their reading. Sterling put my mind to rest and at ease when he could channel and truly put together the real portrait of the mixed and mumbled messages I received from lesser skilled psychics I’ve been to. Nothing against them, but Sterling brings everything into perspective. I highly recommend his services! I’ve been to him twice and both times he impressed me. The analogy I would use is that where others saw different pieces of the elephant, Sterling can see the whole entire animal.


If I may add a note to those who are considering a private reading: DO IT! Yes, the appointment is a bit pricey, and yes, you may have to wait a few months for the actual meeting with Sterling, but you will be amazed at the results.Sterling was able to quickly answer a question about my relationship with my children that had plagued me for years, and then added more detail to his answer. I was completely undone in a good way for a week, and then was able to get on with my life: Just like that!


Some advice if you book a reading: Your appointment will occur exactly when you need it most. Have a written set of MANY clear, brief questions about anything and everything prepared in advance. Sterling doesn't chat--he answers, informs, and clarifies in a rapid, no nonsense way that is totally astounding in its intelligence, sincerity, and accuracy.


And remember that there are a lot of behind-the-scenes staff and Internet costs that allow generous Sterling to offer his wisdom and insights to us each week. We are ALL very lucky to be part of his audience! Thank you again, Sterling, Linda, and ever-faithful Team!


I just had a reading with Sterling a few days ago. He not only matched my go to reader of 20 years but can give exact timelines and pick up on the smallest details that I was utterly amazed. He has a special skillset and gift that I hadn’t yet seen with any other psychic-medium until I spoke with him. I highly recommend contacting him!


Thank you, Sterling, for the best reading! Your psychic abilities are awesome. My sister and I consider each of the readings we got from you to be excellent. I also am thankful for your videos on manifestation and how to develop our own psychic abilities. That advice is helping me on my way. Thanks again ️


Thank you Sterling and team. This is one of my Sunday highlights and I really appreciate you taking the time to answer questions. So many questions. You are very generous with your time. On a side note, I had a reading with Sterling this past week that laid a lot of questions to rest. He answered questions that had plagued me my entire life. It was enlightening and comforting. I hope more people sign up for a reading. It is very much worth it.


I won a free session and met with Sterling this week. He is the real deal. I am grateful for the messages that came through and appreciate his gift. If you are looking for a reading, I would highly recommend Sterling. He quickly tuned in and was able to provide insight into all of my questions. (Thank you Sterling and team)!


I also was so fortunate to win a reading with Sterling a while ago and he gave me so much hope for the future for a very challenging, ongoing situation our family has. I always think of what he said and things have come to pass which keep the hope alive. Very grateful and appreciative to have had the opportunity to talk with such an beautiful, kind and gentle soul as Sterling. Sending Sterling, Linda, and team Sterling all the love their hearts can hold.


I had a wonderful reading with Sterling last week - thanks so much Sterling If anyone is thinking of booking a reading - you might like to know that Sterling answers questions and mediumship as quickly as he does on this channel. It was a fantastic experience.


LOVED my private reading with Sterling last week- it exceeded my already high expectations!!! He is a kind and gentle soul; his demeanor was both easygoing and straightforward, just as he is every Sunday!!! I will definitely be scheduling another session in the future!!! I’ve recommended him to both family and friends, and I HIGHLY recommend that those of you who are reading this, take the opportunity to schedule a private session- you’ll be happy that you did! Many thanks to Sterling and his team- I just cannot say enough good things; I truly appreciate what you do!!! Your service to humanity is immeasurable; sending love, light, and joy to you, your team, and our “Sterling Sundays”community- wishing you all a great week ahead!!!️


Love, love, love. Sterling - I may have to book another session with you. So much of what you told me is unfolding in incredible time and I may need more guidance as things continue to unfold in the most positive ways! Our family has had many blessings lately and much needed as we have had some serious struggles in the past. God bless you Sterling! ️️


Sterling, Thank you for a wonderful reading. You answered my questions with the same simple clarity that you have on your channel. I've made a few immediate changes to my routine and I'm looking deeper into areas highlighted by the guides. What an awesome experience!


Love this video. It connected the dots for me about the personal reading I had with you last week. You were telling me about my daughter who has passed away. One of the things you mentioned was - she was with her sister on the other side. I could not figure out who that would be since her sisters are still alive. It never occurred to me that it could be a miscarriage I had years ago. Listening to what you said about miscarriages in the video was so enlightening for me as a Mom. I never knew if the miscarriage was a boy or girl (years ago they could not tell the sex of the baby). I’m old. So from my heart it is comforting to know they are together. Much aloha to you Sterling and to your wife Linda (and your St. Bernard) ️


Hi Sterling! Had a reading with you a while back and you told me some things about my work that seemed so farfetched that I automatically discounted them. Well, turns out that you were right! Things can change in an instant. Two of the things that you predicted have already happened and the third one is definitely in play. With deep appreciation for your gifts; it made a surprising and kind of scary time much easier to deal with. Can't wait for the rest of your very positive predictions to manifest in the future.



Love ️ the opening! Having had a reading with Sterling, I highly recommend. He connected with my son who died by suicide and told me things only my son & I knew! He truly is amazing and has a wonderful gift. Blessings! ️️


Just had a session with Sterling. Wow! I received so much information. He is the Real deal, no question. This was a life changing reading. Make an appointment with him if you want an authentic, helpful, awesome, reading. He is one of the best psychics out there. Loved it!



I would like to let Sterling’s audience know that I had a reading with Sterling early this year and asked about my brother’s upcoming life-saving surgery. When doctors and others were so negative about the outcome, Sterling saw a favorable and positive outcome! My brother had the surgery and is doing miraculously well! Thank you Sterling!! ️


Thank you, Sterling!! I just had a reading with you, and WOW! I am still processing, but this reading will help me steer my path/life work in profound ways!!! Amazing to have the Akashic record confirmation from you. I am going to start communicating with my team daily, and do the daily exercises you have recommended in this video. 


Hi Sterling, I had a reading with you a couple Fridays ago and want to thank you for such an accurate, informative reading. You gave me much insight as to the next steps to take in my life. Anyone considering a reading with this kind man should not hesitate. I have been to many readers in the past and he was the real deal! Thank you for sharing your gift and helping so many of us, blessings, S


Love fills my heart with every Sterling Sunday - I will never forget my reading with Sterling and guides 2 years ago that many items transpired that he said, including the birth of my now 15 month old son and the house we got in the exact time frame he said! Sterling is a treasure and I am so grateful!


Please get a reading with Sterling! It really helped me!


I have so much gratitude and LOVE for Sterling Sundays! I had my first reading this last Thursday and it exceeded my expectations! I have so much more peace now with what was in my mind/on my heart. This was by far the best use of my money in a long time and I highly recommend to anyone considering. Thank you Sterling and Team!


Hi Sterling! Thank you so much for validating my NDE I had years ago and what I saw plus giving the details no one else would be able to pull off. I cannot wait to book another reading because I have a lot more questions. What a gift you have!


You answered my question long ago about the scary face in the window that my daughter and I each saw when we were kids. She was 12; I thought I was younger. You said it was our ancestors. I had a hard time believing it. But recently, my daughter had a DNA test and looked up our countries of origin and saw the painted faces and costumes of people doing coming-of-age dances. It looked like the faces we saw. The ancestors were likely looking in on us as we were coming of age! It was a year or more after you told me, but your answer was definitely validated! Wow, thanks!


Love and gratitude, Sterling, for the life-changing private session a few months ago! I received so much clarity, it has caused a cascade of major life changes to unfold and fall naturally into place. I feel more aligned with my spiritual team and rather than overthinking, I can relax and trust them to lay opportunities at my feet.


Love the grounding wisdom and love Sterling offers with support of Linda and his team. I am so grateful for what he offers us each week he shares. Contact with Sterling is life changing—that is what I experienced in one on one session with him. Very moving and profound.


Its 2024 & I had to pop on to see what he said for last year. I do that to see how accurate phychics are. These videos have been continually consistant with news stories to back them which is why I'll continue to listen to Sterling & his team going forward. Thank You for selflessly sharing the information you recieve to guide, & comfort us on a regular basis! May we all follow your lead helping others with our gifts/abilities in small & big ways everyday. I'm sending lots of appreciation, blessings, & love, for this magnificent upcoming year my friends!


As always, thank you for your amazing abilities to share knowledge from on high. So appreciate, and know so many who hear you can beautifully evolve toward their own psychic abilities. Thank you for your show. Had the privilege of having a reading with you and encourage everyone to get one! Blessings to ALL


Sterling’s example of real time answers happened to me a few months ago. I asked my angels and guides about a reading I had from Sterling to put my trust in all the good and positive things he told me. Sure enough within minutes while driving, a truck with the words Sterling Repair Service drove up next to me at a red light. Talk about instant verification!


Love Sterling and team and this weekly show! My mom just had the session I gifted her with Sterling today and all she can say is Ahhhh-maaaaa-zinggg!!!!! I think I need to gift myself with one next! But if you are thinking about it and on the fence - DO IT!!!


Love my Sundays with Sterling!! I recently had a session with Sterling and team. Just speechless as to how right on he is... much like his Sunday predictions. What a gift. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. Just Wow!


Amazing as always! Sterling, back in Dec 2022, you predicted an event during my reading. The event was to take place in March. I knew it couldn’t happen last year. Well it has come to pass this year. I want to thank your guides and angels


Love the show. Many of us hang by a thread all week long until we hear your assurances that things are going to be okay. Thank you for that. It's bigger than you can imagine. From an educational standpoint, I've learned so much. I was referred to you during the last of the pandemic. Many people throughout the world got their exercise (and entertainment) by walking in the evenings. I downloaded every show from about the previous year and put them on my player. I got through them all and it was like a crash course in all things spiritual and paranormal. I was already a dedicated student, but you bumped me way up in my progress. Now, I'm trying to return the favor with my own channel that gets into more introductory topics for people just getting started. The world is a better place because of what you do. It's up to the rest of us to help out where and how we can. Even just telling one person can make a difference. One person told me and I started a channel!!!! Thanks again.


Sterling, I just finished listening todays video and loved the information on Death Doula's. I had a one hour reading with you in February of this year, where the first thing that you said to me (I didn't ask,) was that my life path is a Teacher/Healer. What you didn't know, was that I had also been thinking about what I wanted to do in my coming retirement. I had been thinking of this to do, along with my mediumship psychic abilities. The reading was not only wonderful, it was very healing for me. I will be booking again, in due time. Thank you . PJMC.

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