Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimer Agreement

© 2021 A Divison of Spector Entertainment LLC and Its Subsidiaries

You agree to the following terms, conditions and legal disclaimers as a result of using this service  This service is for entertainment purposes only and you must be (21) years of age or older.  


No recording of the session is allowed due to existing audio and video rights contracts and restrictions.  Please include your full name on all forms.  These are audio-only calls and we do not use Face Time.

Please be advised that all credit card charges will be listed and show up on your Credit Card Statement as  "SPECTOR ENTERTAINMENT, or "SPECTORENT".


All guidance is subject to your own interpretation. By purchasing a reading session with Sterling, you are agreeing that any information and guidance provided does not constitute or substitute for any of the following, but not limited to, legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice.


You claim full responsibility for the choices and actions taken based on the content of your reading.  By using this service, you release Sterling, all associates and all associated companies and entities of all liability as a result of any actions you take by using this service.

By using this service,  you agree you will not take any action across social media channels, conventional media, or social media platforms that would disparage Sterling.  


Further, you hold Sterling, Spector Entertainment and all related companies harmless and free from liabilities as a result of decisions you make by using this service.

Sessions with Sterling are designed to be personal one-on-one calls.  If there are multiple people on the call, this is defined as a Group Call.  For Group Calls, you will be charged for each additional person at a multiple of the standard one-person rates listed on the website under the Book Online Tab.  Please notify our offices in advance if you are requesting a Group Call and we will generate the appropriate electronic invoice for payment in advance.

For International callers, we can make Zoom or Skype audio-only arrangements.  All other Skype and remote video readings are not available at this time. All rights are reserved. No authorizations are given or implied to record or distribute information obtained from readings with Sterling.  


 We do not offer any stock market or direct investment advice due to inherent liabilities.  

Sterling and the Office Team will not accept, review or respond to any background information you provide in advance related to upcoming sessions with Sterling due to strict Confidentiality reasons.  


Please do not send background information to our Office Team or Sterling related to upcoming sessions in advance of your session.


Maximum of two (2) mediumship readings per session.  Mediumship references bringing information through from individuals that have passed-on in your life.  

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone at any time for any reason.

All sessions with Sterling are completely Confidential.  Sterling and the Office Team do not answer any specific questions related to sessions via email, so please do not ask for any follow-up information after the completion of your session with Sterling.

Sessions with Sterling are a combination of his direct insights along with direct questions you have relative to people and situations in your life.  We look forward to speaking with you.  


Thank You.


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